“Personalized Quality care is what PRADNYA NETHRALAYA stands for.”

“Pradnya Nethralaya has a spacious waiting area and 3 well equipped consulting rooms, one of which is dedicated to Glaucoma patients.”

Pradnya Nethralaya has a state of art diagnostic equipments to diagnose the various conditions of the eye

  • OCTOPUS VISUAL FIELDS ANALYSER for Glaucoma patients
  • PACHYMETER for evaluating the corneal thickness
  • GONIOSCOPE for Glaucoma patients
  • APPLANATION TONOMETER for checking the pressure of the eye
  • INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE to see the retina after dilatation
  • DRS (DIGITAL RETINAL SCAN) for retinal photos
  • A SCAN to check the Intraocular lens power before surgery
  • AUTOREFRACTOMETER (Computerized eye testing)
  • KERATOMETER to check the corneal axis before surgery
  • LENSOMETER to check the lens power of the spectacles
  • Topcon Optical Biometry( for IOL Power and Corneal Topography )
  • Topcon OCT ( Optical coherence Tomography for Retinal scan and Optic Nerve Evaluation)

Pradnya Nethralaya also has a LASER MACHINE to do YAG CAPSULOTOMY and GLAUCOMA LASER

The OPERATION THEATER is a well-equipped modular operation theater with a AHU air-conditioning system with micro filters, UV & Plasma incinerator which gives a zero particulate and bacterial count for the atmosphere in the OT.


Pradnya Nethralaya has an advanced OCT Machine from Topcon

It is an established medical imaging technique that uses light to capture detailed 3D images of the retinal layers.


  1. Non invasive technique just like ultrasound Imaging.
  2. Instant direct high-resolution images can be seen.
  3. No preparation required. It is an OPD procedure.
  4. Safe as no radiation is involved.

OCT is an excellent diagnostic tool in cases of

  1. Diabetic retinopathy
  2. Glaucoma to evaluate the optic nerve
  3. Macular pathology
  4. Other retinal pathologies

The Operation theater has the state of art equipments to perform the surgeries

  • TOPCON microscope with recording camera for micro surgeries
  • Advanced GEUDER S4 Phacoemulsification machine for all types of micro incision cataract surgeries
  • Motorized operating table
  • Boyles Anaesthesia machine and resuscitation equipments
  • ECG and pulse Oxymeter Machine
  • Class B Autoclave machine for the best sterilization of the equipments

For the convenience of our patients we have installed a lift and have an airconditioned ward.

The Operation Theater complex has a preparatory room where the patient is prepared for the Surgery by the nurse before entering the main OT

We are very particular about sterility so we use only disposable consumables for our patient.

Dr Pradnya Sriram who is an expert in ophthalmic anaesthesia continuously monitors the patient during the surgery. Most surgeries are done under topical anaesthesia that only anaesthetic eye drops are used and no injection is required. But the choice of Local and General anaesthesia is also available