NAYANTARA KELKAR posted on 23/03/19

Excellent team, Excellent Doctor, Excellent staff! Thank you so much for restoring my vision

D. ANDAL posted by Son on 25/03/19

She was operated for cataract. The operation was very successful. Excellent Doctor, Excellent staff.


Excellent Doctor and Staff. Thanks a lot for successfully restoring my vision.

Ganesh . M posted on 25/01/2019

Passionate Doctors and focused employees with dedication and good service.

Kamala Sankarasubramanyam posted on 25/01/2019

She was operated for cataract, The operation was very successful and she had her vision completely restored .The doctor and his entire team was extremely co-operative , Professional and empathetic. The human touch is all prevention persuasive . I am amazed at such a fine team God bless the whole Team.

Padmavathi Rajasekharen posted on 25/01/2019

The entire set up is excellent, We are very happy with the way the procedure’s are done Hospitality is excellent.Thanks to Dr. Sriram and his team for taking the effort to spend time with a lot of patience.

Champakavalli . K posted on 20/12/2018

Hospitality is very good. Treatment too is very good. very friendly staff Mrs. Pradnya makes one feel at home. She genuinely cares for her patients

Padmavathi Rajasekharen K posted on 20/12/2018

The entire set up is excellent, We are very happy with the way the procedure’s are done Hospitality is excellent.Thanks to Dr. Sriram and his team for taking the effort to spend time with a lot of patience.

Rulk Grace posted on 13/09/2018

We got the cataract surgery done for both the eyes. The surgery was done very smoothly, Dr.Sriram and team were very professional yet took personalised care, Thanks to them. Would definitely recommended them any time.

Mrs. Leoney George posted on 02/07/2018

The surgery was a simple procedure and it took only 15 minutes.The care taken during the surgery to make me feel comfortable is commendable. Appreciate the same .The way the medication was prescribed with every detail was also very useful post surgery.Thank you very much, Please keep up the good work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Will wearing Spectacle continuously decrease the glass power in children?

Hypermetropia (Long sightedness) will automatically decrease with age normally by the age of 18 years. Where as Myopia (Short sightedness) increase with age irrespective of whether a person is wearing spectacle continuously or not. .

If both parents are wearing spectacles will the children have Refractive Error?

Yes, these children will have a very high chance of getting refractive error. Children’s refractive error is genetically transmitted; therefore these children should have a regular comprehensive eye check up before being admitted to school.

Will eating Carrot decrease the power?

No, eating carrot will not decrease the power but, carrot is a good source of Vitamin-A. The power is determined by the size of the eye ball and has no relation to the Vitamin-A factor. Thus eating carrot will not decrease the power.

Can Cataract affect only the adults?

No, some children can be born with cataract caused due to infection (rubella) in the mother during her pregnancy and it is called congenital cataract. In some children they can develop cataract later during childhood and this is called developmental cataract this is caused due to certain deficiencies. Can also occur after injury to the eye.

Does Glaucoma affect only the adults?

No, some children can be born with glaucoma this is called congenital glaucoma. These children will have large eyes with excessive watering in the eyes and inability to see light. These children will require only surgical treatment as soon as it is diagnosed because medicines will not work on them.

If a child had a mild eye injury does he/she still require an eye check up?

Yes, even a mild injury at times in a child can have serious consequences like corneal opacity or retinal detachment which require immediate attention. During these situations the child should be examined immediately by a qualified ophthalmologist. Please avoid self medication / off-counter medications.

Does watching Television or working on Computer continuously lead to wearing glasses?

No the T V screen has to be viewed atleast from a distance of 5 times the diagonal width of the television screen and 2 times the diagonal width of the computer screen.

Will a person be affected with Cataract again?

No, once a person undergoes cataract extraction surgery then, the person can’t develop cataract again. But, some people can develop after cataract or posterior capsular opacification. This requires a very simple YAG Laser treatment.

Are there any exercises to decrease the power in a person?

No, the spectacle power is determined by the shape of the cornea and the length of the eye ball. With exercise or yoga a person will not be able to alter the shape or size of the eye ball. Thereby it does not help.

How frequently does one needs to undergo an eye check up?

All children before the age of 4 years should at least have one full eye check up by an ophthalmologist. Children up to the age of 14 years if wearing corrective spectacle should undergo eye checkup once in every 6 months .

Adults over the age of 40 years should undergo an eye checkup once in year and some adults with general health disorders (Diabetes) should undergo an eye checkup once in 6 months. Please remember, these eye checkups should be done by a Qualified Ophthalmologist and should include the following tests:

  • Vision Test (Visual Acuity)
  • Refractive Error Check
  • Intra Ocular Pressure Measurement and
  • Detailed Retinal Examination with Dilation of Pupils.